Predictive Analytics

MP Gaming provides a Predictive Analytics platform allowing companies to monetize, grow and retain existing customers. Through our international partners, we are able to target the southern african commercial gaming industry where the technology enables land-based casinos, lotteries and online betting operators to maximize the value of their customers by increasing revenue and retention and at the same time decreasing marketing costs.

For more information on how MP Gaming can help your business increase revenues through the use of Big Data and Predictive Analytics, please contact Markus on +27 82 3337096 or Visit the MP Gaming Predictive Analytics Blog at:


Markus Prader, partner at MP Gaming has launched a niche clothing brand called "VOKOV - Prader Attitude Coiture. The brand was born in Moscow in 2004 and VOKOV has been trademarked globally under section 25 - Clothing, head gear and footwear.

The limited clothing line has been launched and focuses on casual surf-wear, golf-wear and street-wear. New products are also in development.

Get your free VOKOV surfer-T when you spend R500 or more in the MP Gaming E-store.

Vokov Prader Attitude Coiture